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Frequenty Asked Questions 

When does the course take place?

          Every Wednesday February 1st to May 17th 6pm-8pm PT on Webex.

What are the expectations of me, as a student in this course?

          You are expected to attend the 2hr lectures every week, complete all assignments in a timely fashion, and be scientifically curious!

Can I attend the course even if I do not live in Portland, OR?

          Yes! This course will be held virtually over Webex so students all over Oregon are encouraged to apply.

I don't have any research experience. Do I still qualify for this course?

          Yes! This is an introductory course to research and no previous experience is required or expected. 

What is the expected time per week for homework?

          It depends on the student and the assignment at task. In general, it ranges from 1-5hrs per week.

How many teacher recommendations do I need? And which teacher should provide this?

          You only need ONE teacher recommendation and it can be from any teacher or counselor.

Do I need to submit transcripts to apply to this program?


I am a freshman in high school, can I still apply?

          No, you may apply the following year(s) as we only accept sophomore, junior and senior high school students.

I already did the program before, can I apply again?

          No, you may only participate in the program once. However, there are other opportunities to network and stay connected with PSI and our affiliations such as OHSU.

I am from out of state (not from Oregon), can I still apply?

         No, we only accept students from Oregon.

I have other commitments during the Wednesdays 6-8pm lecture time. Can I still apply?

         The expectation is that all students attend all of the lectures for their entirety. If there are other commitments, perhaps consider applying in a future cycle (if not a senior) or rescheduling these commitments to another time. 

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