Program Overview

Directed by James Rosenbaum, MD, Edward Neuwelt, MD, Richard Rosenbaum, MD, Tammy Martin, PhD, and Leslie Muldoon, PhD, this program, which has been taught since 1999, introduces high school students to the scientific process, encourages student participation in science competitions, and fosters a relationship between researchers and the local community.

High school Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in Oregon are eligible to apply. Interested students should discuss the possibility of applying with their school counselor or adviser. 



About the PSI Course


We meet Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00 p.m. (February-May) for a lecture series and to learn about ongoing research projects conducted by scientists at Oregon Health & Science University. Each student will be mentored by a researcher. Each student gains firsthand knowledge of research methods, and, with their mentor's help, will present a published research article in journal club format and develop their own research proposal. The program requires regular attendance and significant time commitment outside of class for homework and research proposal development. Students may elect to do laboratory or clinical research over the summer. PSI was developed and is offered by the program directors on a voluntary basis. Research faculty volunteer their time and resources to mentor PSI students. We work closely with local high school officials to reach out to students interested in science and medical research and to arrange for high school credit earned by participating in the class.

AT the LAb

Changes due to the ongoing pandemic

All classes will be held virtually via Zoom. 

The class will continue completely virtually. Guest lectures will still be available. However, there may be more recorded lectures to watch followed by a discussion and a question/answer session with the presenter

Summer Internship

There is no guarantee for summer internship given the pandemic.

As always the internship phase is only for students successfully completing the course. There is not guarantee that students will be allowed to act as volunteers in labs at OHSU. We have had a few motivated students complete their summer internship virtually and found similar satisfaction to completing the research in person. Our goal is to work with mentors to make internships this summer remote as needed.