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Program Overview

   The Partnership for Scientific Inquiry (PSI) program introduces high school students to the scientific process, encouraging their scientific passion and fostering a relationship between researchers and the local community.


We are entering our 24th year of the PSI Program, and we are currently accepting student applications from all across Oregon.


Our program accepts Sophomore, Junior, and Senior high school students who are interested in pursuing careers in medicine or biomedical research through a 16-week course from February 7th, 2023 - May 22nd, 2023 6pm-8pm. Students are introduced to the scientific process and gain access to research scientists from OHSU and other Portland research institutes. The semester-long program typically ends with a summer internship opportunity to work alongside a research mentor, requiring students to be at least 16 years old.


About the PSI Course


We meet for two hours on Wednesdays (February-May) for a lecture series and to learn about ongoing research projects conducted by scientists at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Each student will be mentored by a researcher. Each student gains firsthand knowledge of research methods, and, with their mentor's help, will present a published research article in a journal club format and develop their own research proposal. The program requires regular attendance and significant time commitment outside of class for course assignments. Students may elect to join a scientific laboratory or perform clinical research over the summer. Research faculty and students volunteer their time and resources to mentor PSI students. As of 2023, we host a poster symposium at the end of the summer internship series to showcase the students' research and allow them to practice their presentation skills. We work closely with local high school officials to reach out to students interested in science and medical research and to arrange for high school credit earned by participating in the class.

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